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Charter Information -- 2017

Our preliminary estimates to run this boat in the bay will be a base price of $1,200 for 8 hours for the first 6 people and $150 for each person above the first 6 with a limit of 12 people for any and all trips. A deposit of $500 will be required for each day that is booked. We will not be running any 6 hour trips. Because of the high demand for Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, we are requesting all trips booked on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday be a minimum of 10 people but of course there is room for 12 people.

These prices may change slightly during the season. As soon as we realize what changes need to be made if we see we have miscalculated our operating costs we will let you know. The change will be minimal as possible. For your convenience we will now have the ability to accept credit cards for each individual trip if you choose but all deposits must be received at least 10 days, if the timing allows, before your trip date. Contact us if you need to make other arrangements. We are willing to make this as convenient as possible.

All fishing trips on this boat will be 8 hour trips. There might be different length trips on very special occasion (tournaments, dinner cruise or a special luncheon cruise) with all the specifics, time and price will be worked with me and Chrissy before such a trip. We are willing to try to fulfill the wishes of the group for that specific day. Within reason, we will try to accommodate all requests for the group on those days. Some additional charges may be necessary if Captain Mike deemed suitable to fulfill the request, perhaps an additional fuel charge. If you have special requests / questions please ask at the time of the booking or in writing.
It is very possible that we will be taking the boat to Ocean City, MD for August and September to do some Tuna, Marlin and other tournament fishing. This will depend on the interest and bookings. We are not booked for the White Marlin tournament, so if you are interested let me know.

The dates and limits for this year are listed below. Always remember that tipping the mate is customary with 15%-20% being the normal. (the same as a waitress or waiter). Upon booking your trip on the “Compensation”, a DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED BY EVERYONE. Also, if you do not notify me of a cancellation within seven days of your trip, you will be responsible for the whole amount of that trip. Please take your booked days very seriously as this is my and my mate’s livelihood. Thanks! 

Also, everyone who wants electronic updates please send me an email with your current address and information. Thanks! Hope to see you soon!

Checks should be made out to Mike Harris (and only Mike Harris) and sent to 

Mike Harris -- 7024 Albany Ave. North Beach, MD 20714 

Respectfully, J. Michael Harris

TROPHY ROCKFISH: April 15th -May 15th one fish per person

ROCKFISH: May 16th – December 15th--- two fish per person, one must be between 20"-28", and the other can be 28" or larger.  Or, both fish can be 20" or larger, only one fish per person may exceed 28 inches.

SUMMER FISHING:  Live lining Rockfish, Spot, Croaker, Trout, Blues & Mackerel--As they show up (usually June or July)


FALL BIG ROCKFISH:  Starts approximately mid-October with large Rockfish schooling up and averaging 15lbs–50lbs.  The boat will possibly be in Solomon’s Island or Pt. Lookout in the Fall so ask me about this when you book your trip!) 

Charter Rate Summary -- all 8 hour trips
$1200 for 6 people or less, $150 for everyone over six (max. 12 people)
$500 deposit is required for each trip

CALL MIKE OR CHRISSY HARRIS  301-855-7263 or 301-717-5905 (cell) or email

Mike Harris -- 7024 Albany Ave. North Beach, MD 20714 

For more information, call 301-717-5905 or 301-855-7263 or email Mike Harris
Mail check to Captain Mike Harris -- 7024 Albany Ave. North Beach MD 20714

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