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Hunting Information -- 2016-17 Season

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Goose season dates have been set and I hope everyone is looking forward to another great season! Although most everyone on the shore had very slow seasons last year, we again continue to beat the odds. We only a handful of slow days last season, usually due to the unusual warm and sunny weather. All indications are pointing toward a normal winter which
means good hunting! I expect it to be even better with another above average hatch and warm winters are usually followed by colder ones so I look for things to be good!

I have had the good fortune to acquire another good property which is adjacent to the big Ted Reed farm with our large sanctuary pond. This will give us over 6oo acres of undisturbed land which makes the geese easier to decoy. This is a situation I have been hoping to get for years and now we have it! 

As you know without your continued support I could not continue to bring us together for our yearly ritual as leases are super expensive! I greatly appreciate everyone’s business! 

Please call or email me (which email works better) ASAP after you receive this letter to book what you can and give me your dates. This also helps with coordinating farms and guides to give you the best we possibly can, to make your hunts successful. I have so much more to work with this year with all the fields I have, so I am anxiously waiting for your calls and emails, and meeting you early each morning for another year of hunting Canada Geese. Help me continue the tradition!!

Best Regards, Mike

Mike Harris   7024 Albany Ave.  North Beach MD 20714
301-855-7263-home    301-717-5905-cell ...  call or email me (preferred)
http://www.mikeharrisoutdoors.com               email:  mikeharris33@verizon.net

Single Hunts: $600.00 a day, per blind with 4 persons or less (extra people-$150.00 each)
$300.00 per blind --Deposits are required for all hunts.  Checks payable to Mike Harris.

Checks should be made out to Mike Harris (and only Mike Harris) and sent to 

Mike Harris -- 7024 Albany Ave. North Beach, MD 20714 

2016-17 SEASONS (these dates are Final)  NO SUNDAY HUNTING
Eastern Shore Canada Goose Season
     Nov. 19th - Nov. 25th -- 2 birds per day
     Dec. 16th - February 4th -- 2 birds per day
Snow Goose –will coincide with Canada Goose season 

Ducks---- will be the same dates as Canada goose season----6 birds per day… only 4 can be Mallards.  They will be shot as extras with the Canada Goose hunts.

Also ask about my goose club rates and details as we have new property with many more opportunities!! Plus there may be a blind or two to rent outright!!... if you don’t want it, tell a friend, thanks!

If you wish to be removed from my mailing list please send me an email. If you want electronic updates and stay on it, send me an email !!


NOTE:  For a printable version of the above hunting information for this season, click here .

For more information, call 301-717-5905 or 301-855-7263 or email Mike Harris
Mail check to Captain Mike Harris -- 7024 Albany Ave. North Beach MD 20714

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